Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mental problems and how to solve it

Are you being mocked at your school and you can't stand it?or are you afraid heights?or are you afraid of the the dark?so,you are mentally WEAK! Do you want to be mocked forever?or do you want not to go to the bungee jump?or do you want to be scared by your friends by putting the lights off?you don't want that right?if you're not planning to,read this blog until it ends......

Here's how to not to be depressed by other people's saying and scared by your fears:
  1. think of something else
e.g:if you are afraid of heights,imagine that you're on the top of the lowest hill in the world and only have 5 metres tall...that's not really tall,right?

2.don't fight,just follow

e.g:if you're being mocked by the others,don't be mad or cry or even fight!if is it funny,just laugh!if you were mocked by something cool like 'four eyes' or 'alien face',just make fun of it!

Thank you for reading my blog